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Your Fact-Checking Ear on the Airwaves

Schedule automatic recording of radio shows, effortlessly transcribe, extract claims and maximize your potential in audio verification


Enhance Fact-Checking Efficiency

Elevate Media Credibility

Expand Linguistic Reach

Empower Media Accountability

Effortless Transcription

Say goodbye to the hours spent manually transcribing audio recordings. Our advanced algorithms ensure precise and speedy transcriptions, saving you time and effort.

Claim Extraction Made Simple

Unlock valuable insights hidden in your audio content effortlessly. Our platform identifies key claims, empowering you with actionable information for fact-checking and analysis.

Multilingual Capabilities

Dubawa Audio Platform supports multiple African languages, including Ghanaian English, Nigerian English, and Nigerian Pidgin English, broadening your reach and understanding.

Media Monitoring Tool

Looking ahead, we're expanding our capabilities to serve as a powerful media monitoring tool. Stay ahead in the fast-paced world of journalism with real-time insights and analysis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to any questions you might have, have more? Contact us

What is the Dubawa Audio Platform?

The Dubawa Audio Platform is a cutting-edge tool developed to automate the process of fact-checking radio content. It transcribes audio recordings, identifies fact-check-worthy claims, and supports fact-checkers in verifying the accuracy of information broadcasted on radio and other audio-focused platforms.

How does the Dubawa Audio Platform work?

The platform uses advanced AI and machine learning models to transcribe spoken content in audio recordings. It then employs claim detection algorithms to identify statements that may require fact-checking. These claims are presented to human fact-checkers for in-depth verification.

What languages can the platform transcribe and fact-check?

The Dubawa Audio Platform can transcribe and fact-check content in multiple African languages, including but not limited to Ghanaian English, Nigerian English, and Nigerian Pidgin. It aims to promote linguistic inclusivity.

What types of audio content can be processed by the platform?

The platform is designed to process various forms of audio content, including radio broadcasts, interviews, speeches, and discussions. It is adaptable to the diverse content found on radio stations.

How accurate is the Dubawa Audio Platform in transcription and claim detection?

The platform has demonstrated high accuracy in its transcription and claim detection capabilities. Accuracy rates vary depending on the specific audio quality but generally range from 70% to 94%, making it a reliable tool for fact-checking.

Who can use the Dubawa Audio Platform?

The platform is primarily designed for fact-checkers, journalists, media organizations, and anyone interested in verifying the accuracy of information broadcast on the radio. It is a valuable resource for promoting media accountability.

Can the platform be customized for specific radio stations or languages?

Yes, the Dubawa Audio Platform can be customized to adapt to the unique needs of different radio stations and languages. Customization options are available for organizations seeking tailored solutions.

Is the Dubawa Audio Platform free to use?

The availability and pricing of the platform varies. User accounts are free while admin accounts are paid. It's best to contact the Dubawa team directly for information on access and pricing for the admin accounts

What is the difference between User and Admin accounts?

The Major difference between the user and admin accounts is that admin accounts lets users schedule an automatic recording of a radio show, transcription and claim extraction of radio shows, while user accounts only allows you to upload audio files by yourself and then carries out the transcription and claim extraction.

What are the future plans for the Dubawa Audio Platform?

Dubawa Audio Platform is continually evolving. Future plans include expanding its capabilities, enhancing linguistic support, providing a platform for media monitoring and exploring additional features to further improve the fact-checking process on traditional media like radio.

Our Radio and YouTube automation features are accessible through the admin account, catering to our fact-checking partners and individuals who request access. Wondering if this automation could benefit you? Reach out to us to learn more about setting up an admin account for you or your organization


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